Your trusted one-stop-shop for rough diamond preparation in Dubai: Galaxy scanning, deep boiling, and more


Miners can mine; traders can trade. We can take care of the rest.


A true and trusted one-stop-shop in Dubai: the rough trading capital of the world

As a miner or dealer using TRIGEM services, all you have to do is produce or source. We do the rest.

  • Galaxy scanning – in partnership with Sarine
  • Deep boiling – in partnership with Antwerp’s Charlotte Quality Boiling
  • Rough sorting
  • Rough manufacturing & recutting


TRIGEM DMCC is a globally trusted, independent diamond service provider in Dubai.

Strategically headquartered in the DMCC, TRIGEM’s state-of-the-art facility boasts some of the world’s most modern diamond technology in the world, such as Sarine Galaxy inclusion scanners, a Belgian-manufactured deep boiling labratory, and more.

Managed by an international team with decades of experience, TRIGEM offers miners and dealers discreet and high-quality services to prepare their material for sale.



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